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Sergio Huidobro Martinez

Personal Information


  • Spanish and English.

Susana Radic (Secretary)

He is admitted to the Bar in 1996 after receiving his degree from Diego Portales University in 1995. He majored in grad in Economics and Finance for Attorneys from the School of Administrative and Economic Sciences of the University of Chile (2001), a Diploma in Penal Procedure Reform from the Universidad del Desarrollo Law School (2004), Diploma in Economic Penal Law from Alberto Hurtado University Law School (2005). Diploma on Labor Law and Social Security; Substantive Aspects, Procedures and Litigation”, Institute of Judicial Studies, 2009. Diploma in Corporate Government from Universidad del Desarrollo Law School  (2012). Diploma in Economic Sanctions Law: Administrative and Criminal from Los Andes, 2015. Diploma in Specialization in Construction Law, Universidad de Los Andes 2017. Diploma in Compliance Latam, Thomson Reuters 2018.  Member of the commission formed by the political group Alliance for Chile for studying the modification to the Anti-Terrorism Law (2014). He joins the firm in 1996, working mainly on court matters, with particular emphasis on economic criminal litigation.  In addition, he provides preventive criminal advice (criminal compliance) and judicial criminal matters (advice and litigation) to companies, boards of directors and senior executives.

Mr. Huidobro was first aid on the subject of Criminal Law at the Universidad del Desarrollo Law School (2001 and 2002); Assistant Professor in the same subject at the same University (2003 to 2007). Full Professor of Penal Law, Law Schol, Universidad del Desarrollo (2008 to date). Professor of Criminal law for Companies at the Diploma of Business Law, Universidad del Desarrollo (2010 to 2014). Professor of Criminal Compliance in the Course of Legal Claims of the Real Estate Business of the ESE Business School of the Universidad de los Andes (year 2017 – 2018).  Professor exhibitor in several occasions in the Chamber of Construction Chile in the business crimes of the law of criminal resposibility of legal persons (2018 to date).  Member of the Center for Regulatory and Business Law of the Universidad del Desarrollo (2019).


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Member of the Chilean Bar Association in Santiago, of the Inter-American Federation of Attorneys (FIA) and of the Institute of Criminal Sciences of Chile.

Member of Construlegal (Alliance of Studies of Specialist Lawyers in construction and Real Estate Law). Member of the Chilean Society of Construction Law.