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International Trade and Investment

We are legal counsel to foreign individuals and enterprises interested in doing business in Chile, including under joint ventures. We advise them on, and propose, the most beneficial and advantageous legal and tax structure for conducting and optimizing their businesses.

We also assist in the signature of foreign investment agreements. We handle relations with the Foreign Investment Committee, local regulatory authorities and the Central Bank of Chile.

We are members of the Lira Network of Attorneys, which is an association that confederates law firms from all over South and Central America.

Some of our attorneys are members of the Inter-American Federation of Attorneys (FIA), one of whom is a former President of that Federation. He is currently an international arbitrator of the International Centre for Dispute Resolution, a division of the American Arbitration Association.

Attorneys in this Area

  • Sergio Huidobro Corbett
  • Juan Eduardo Figueroa Valdés