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Criminal Law

Our experience in criminal lawsuits and matters is lengthy, particularly in regard to economic crimes (swindle, fraud, misappropriation, forgery, bad checks, fraudulent bankruptcies), crimes against property (theft, simple robbery, damages, receipt of stolen goods, usurpation), injury (street fights, traffic accidents, medical malpractice), driving under the influence, slander, affronts, threats, sex crimes, homicide, robbery by force, illegal arrest, quasi-crimes, breaches, etc.

Our lawyers handle these matters both under the old criminal law system (in effect through June 16, 2005) and the new one now governing in Chile.

Under the new system, the procedures are ordinary or special (simplified, abbreviated, monitored). There are also preliminary negotiations and final arrangements for alternative solutions, such as indemnity agreements and conditional stays of procedure.

Our attorneys can take the defense of these cases as far as the Courts of Appeals and Supreme Court through the filing of appeals and motions for dismissal.

Their work is complemented by academic activities they conduct at prestigious universities in the country.

Abogados Expertos

  • Sergio Huidobro Corbett
  • Sergio Huidobro Martínez
  • Pablo Huidobro Martínez