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Patricio Figueroa Velasco

Personal Information

Silvia Olmedo (Secretary)

Mr. Figueroa has specialized in real estate and construction and his clients consist of major companies in these areas. He is a member of the Legislative Committee of the Chilean Chamber of Construction. In the past, he was Vice-President of the Bar Association and of the Arbitration Center of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce. At this time he is an arbitrator, consultant and legal analyst in his areas of expertise and he has advised the Senate in the study and construction of the Property Co-Ownership Law. He is an honorary director of the Property Brokers Association (ACOP) and an active member of the Chilean Institute of Tax Law.

He is both an undergraduate and graduate professor of tax law and urban law at the law schools of the University of Chile and Universidad del Desarrollo. His publications include several books on real estate and tax law, such as “The Legal Regime for Property Brokering in Chile” and the “Manual on Tax Law, Income Tax Law.”

He is the author of several books of law related to real estate and tax matters, such as “The Legal Regime of the Real Estate brokerage in Chile” and “Manual of Tax Law, Tax Law”.

He is a member of the Legislative Committee of the Chilean Chamber of Construction, of the ACOP Advisory Board, of the National Chamber of Real Estate Services and of the Chilean Bar Association.